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Clear Scan Locator
Clear Scan locator and ID Validation Tool

Our proprietary "Clear Scan" report instantly scans billions of records to first validate identity information, and then to list current and previous addresses, telephone numbers, relatives, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and more. Running the report by SSN, you also receive the ssn date and state of issuance, validity information, and whether the record is currently active or reported deceased.

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Income Verification Services


Income Verification Services (4506T)

Quickly verify wages and earnings history with our IRS income verification Service. We offer secure processing, exceptional fees, and rapid turn around times.

CBSV SSN Verification Service

U.S. Info Search is an authorized provider of the Social Security Administrations CBSV program. We help prevent and identify potential fraud by verifying that the name on your application matches the social security number provided as reflected in the SSA's official records.