• UCC Filings & Records

    UCC (Uniform Commercial Code Filings): A UCC (Universal Commercial Code) Filing is done when a company has assets that can be used to back up a loan. It is similar to a financial statement. Each state has different requirements for a UCC filing, but you can easily search our national database of statewide filings online.

  • Clear Scan SSN Validation


    • Identity verification is a vital step in performing due diligence, risk management and fraud prevention. Use our "Clear Scan" instant identification tool to quickly verify credentials among applicants, potential business partners and vendors. 


  • Income Verification Services


    • IRS Income Verification & W2 Reporting: Quickly verify wages and earnings history with our IRS income verification Service. We offer secure processing, exceptional fees, and rapid turn around times. (read more)
    IVES FORMS - 4506T, 1040, 1099, 1120, & 1065




    • Deceased Records Search

      • Deceased Records: Instantly search for deceased records Nationwide from the convenience of your desktop.
    • Bankruptcy Filings (BLJ)
      Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgements: Search tens of millions of state and federal civil court records in seconds. Includes nationwide data sources at exceptional pricing.
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